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I’m Evita, the founder of Soja Brooklyn. I started my candle business because, I’ve always had a love for candles. For many years, I would buy candles as a part of my self-care regimen. I love how the scent can change your mindset. I began researching the basics of candle making and shortly after, I purchased my first candle kit and started experimenting making candles in my kitchen. I often made candles for family and friends. During my process of making candles, I learned something new about myself. The process of creating candles with my hands was very therapeutic for me. I enjoyed the process of creating a candle for others to appreciate, at that moment, Soja Brooklyn was formed.


The primary goal of our brand is to inspire wellness and self-care. Each scent in our line is specifically designed with a specific emotion in mind, whether you need to renew, relax, or reconnect.


Feel free to check out our line. Our candles are hand poured, hand labeled, from our hands to your home.

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