Get the Most Out of Your Candle_

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Get the most out of your candle, one sensory experience at a time. Adhere to the following tips to extend the life of your candle.


The initial burn is vital for your new candle, this is known as the “memory burn.” During the initial burn session, it is vital to allow the candle to burn until the melted pool wax reaches the edge of the vessel. Allowing the melted pool of wax to reach the edge of the vessel will set the boundaries of the wax and scent throw for other burn sessions. All waxes retain memory, if the candle is extinguished prior to the melted pool reaching the edges, the candle will not burn to the edge of the vessel during subsequent burn sessions.

Wick Trimming

Always trim your wick to ¼” prior to each burn session. Maintaining a trimmed wick will reduce the amount of soot that will accumulate at the top of the vessel. In addition, by keeping your wicks trimmed your candles will burn slowly and evenly. 

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