the brand

Soja Brooklyn is a home fragrance brand and niche sustainable homeware company. Our goal is to provide products that will promote rituals of self-care. Allowing; you to take a moment for yourself.
Each candle vessel and home decor piece is handcrafted from small-batch castings using cement and custom-blended pigments.
Our candles are handcrafted using wooden wicks, a propriety blend of soy-coconut wax infused with premium fragrance oils.


My love for candles is the origin of the brand. I frequently burned candles to relax and cope with stress. I started researching the basics of candlemaking and began making candles for stress relief. Shortly after, I accumulated a large number of candles in my home. I gifted candles to family and friends. At that point, I learned something new about myself. The process of creating; something with my hands for others to enjoy was therapeutic. A journey to self-healing turned into a brand. From my hands to your home.