Presence Travel Candle

Presence Travel Candle

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Mood: Warm + Serene

Experience the sensory indulgence of PRESENCE, a special scent formed from bright violet, exquisite jasmine, and succulent plum notes. Rich sandalwood hues heighten the lavish aroma, designed to entice and enthrall. An enchanting bouquet with a comforting warmth, this exclusive fragrance will stay in your memory for a long time.

The candle is carefully crafted using a premium blend of soy and coconut wax and wooden tube wicks.

  • 4 oz.,  wooden wick approx. 15-hour burn time


Every vessel & home decor piece is handcrafted from small-batch castings using cement and custom blended pigments. Cement is a natural material; therefore, each vessel will have its unique character, and slight natural variations may occur.

*Each handcrafted piece color may vary slightly from the photos due to lighting differences. Every piece is sealed with an eco-friendly sealer.

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